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repeatedly had sex with the hole was red

's Court, but with the past no different. Few cars on the road, and occasionally through twelve pedestrians hurried pace, was extremely quiet. Close to 9:00, a police car approaching from the west, the car body with the word "court", electric door slowly closed court being opened, immediately closed. Hong Kong was sitting in this car in the car. He was in custody from the court to the Linxia County Detention Center, just 10 minutes away by car. At least five media reporters rushed to the scene, but they were told to "privacy case involving minors, the court heard in public." November 9, China Youth Daily that question, the first exclusive coverage from this shocking case. Two weeks later, the case ushered in an important day - trial hole was red. "Big is more good" debut 0900, nicknamed "Big is more good" hole was red appeared in the dock. His upper body wearing a yellow vest, handcuffs, leg irons. Despite several months in custody at the detention center, but the hole was about 1.8 meters tall red, stern, looks physically very strong. Victims attorney first met Mao Peng hole was red, or even "I feel very cold, a little unlucky." Trial was arranged in Linxia County People's Court court can accommodate 50 people, but five or six rows of the gallery was empty, not a single day or the families of the victims appear. Allegedly, the reason for borrowing Linxia County Court heard the case, taking into account the red hole was detained in Linxia County Detention Center. Earlier, participating in the hole was red and one police investigators have raised the case of a request to attend, was also rejected. Yongjing County People's Procuratorate from the prosecution, appear to support the prosecution of a total of three prosecutors. Chaired by the presiding judge Yongjing County People's Court Criminal Tribunal Liu Yongen. 9 am hearing from the beginning, 12:10 adjournment. After 50 minutes, 13:00 to continue the trial, up to six and a half hours after the trial, 16:35, the presiding judge announced the end of the trial. Not surprisingly, the Full Court did not in court for sentencing. 4:40 Xu, holes have to be escorted back to red again Linxia County Detention Center. After the trial, the presiding judge 刘永恩 to China Youth Daily reporter, said that the case of high media and public attention, the Full Court will choose a sentencing date as soon as possible. Meanwhile, he relates, "secret trial" on the grounds, declined interview requests from reporters about the details of the trial. At this point, located on Yongjing County Yanguoxia Quan village two clubs have red home hole, the hole may not know the father of today's son will stand in the dock of the Court, trial law. Two weeks ago, the China Youth Daily reporter who visited the red hole was living on the ground Quan village two clubs 181 year. Where the gates locked, long uninhabited. Through the gap, hospital litter, ruins unbearable. Iron lintel still pinned on "striving ten stars of civilization," the White, including "law-abiding, insisted Five Love" and other words. It now appears, somewhat funny and ironic. Hole was red-growing world is a world of low courtyard houses, the village school and the family was not rich composition. Hole house old house in the middle of tall brick houses of neighbors, quite shabby. Few rotten wood rafters abruptly emerge from the walls, cluttered yard piled style yellow corn cobs. Hong Kong was the occasional 70-year-old father, who returned to live alone. Hole was red mother died three years ago, the huge yard, only holes Father alone. As the eldest son of the family, the marriage will be the separation of the red hole was another live. Neighbor recalled that hole it can unite people, keen village public welfare, "weddings and funerals is to help a person." But the hole is very irritable temper. "He bad not bad. Temper congenial, you can help out. Temper do not vote, it was not bad, I feel this person is brainless, shallow culture." An elderly neighbor said. Hole in childhood did not show its future murderous side, "it is a generalization." Retired elementary school teacher this year is no particular impression on the students, I remember only the academic performance is very bad. "Some surprised how people become so " 63-year-old Kong Weiwen said. He is a hole was red capitalists neighbors. Since the punch was red met her mother's funeral, the two never met. Those who have watched him grow up seeing him gradually manifested in the nature of things. In goes very long face, he is a more silent, more and more irritable temper, temperament increasingly weird middle-aged man. He is moving away from a poor childhood in the world that matter. In the eyes of neighbors, the hole was red image has become increasingly blurred. Five sins It is understood that most of the time, the hole in the dock was red face expressionless. The prosecution believes that "the case belong to a criminal gang case, a crime during the probation should be revoked probation sentence, graft." It is understood that the prosecution alleged hole was red committing five crimes - intentional assault, illegal possession of firearms, rape, disturb the crime, the crime of gambling. The prosecution pointed out, November 15, 2003, Mr. Kwak and red hole was the son because of a trivial conflict occurs. After school that afternoon, the defendant will Kwak red hole was blocked on the opposite side of the road liujiaxia town Grain Bureau of Kwak beat, its wounded. The evening of 10 May 2006 10 am, the defendant Liu operated Wolong Villa Disco hole was red when consumption because of a trivial altercation, the hole was red beat Ryu et al, to injury. August 11, 2007 the next evening, Zhao Yanguoxia in Yongjing County town hole was red business "Wolong club" conflict with others, after being advised opened from the outside Zhao took a casserole stalls The chopper back to the "Wolong club", the knife was discovered after the others go, then the hole was red Zhao altercation after the hole was red with a beer bottle to Zhao injury. Seen from the prosecution allegations, the summer of 2000, Zhang Yongjing County Unicom branch employees to Lee in the hands of a friend, "Eagle" double-barreled shotgun at a price of 6300 yuan sold to the hole was red. By the end of 2010, the defendant Ma Guoqing pay 4,000 yuan to the hole was red, the two negotiated the shotguns are common to all persons. In addition, the hole was red as early as November 5, 2005, on suspicion of committing the crime of gambling, was released on bail Yongjing County Public Security Bureau. The following year in March, Yongjing County People's Court verdict: guilty of gambling red hole was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years. Public Prosecution Service said: partial view of the hole was red the crime alleged occurred during probation, according to the law, the original verdict should be revoked probation, the court shall gambling crime and other offenses together to implement graft. ...... According to reports, the trial day, the hole was red for illegal possession of firearms and confessed to the crime of intentional injury. But refused to recognize rape and disturb the crime. The same day, the court also heard Ma Guoqing while allegedly illegal possession of firearms case. After the trial, Ma Guoqing's attorney, told reporters that "no comment" and refused to be interviewed. Heated debate "rape" is worth noting that the hole was red and his defenders on the prosecution alleged "rape" refused to acknowledge that not guilty of rape. It is understood that the same day, the prosecution of alleged hole was red has had raped three women. Constitute the crime of rape, the focus has become the day of the trial. Around this accusation, prosecution, victim attorney, and his defenders red hole was a fierce debate. In the victim's attorney - under Guangdong Jun Yan Liu Hui and Mao Peng Law Firm lawyer memories courtroom be partially reduced. "Today, I really appreciate when you just Kwak intentional injury case of saying: 'We are all parents, they are also the son of the son,' We want to talk to this sentence as the principles and common values. "Liu Hui began to question the hole was red. He asked in court ...... hole was red: "In the transcripts of the public security organs, you have at least six or seven girls consider themselves sexual relations occurred, most of them are minors you always advocated they are voluntary. , others that you are a parent, you think these are the reasons why minors, voluntary and you do a 48-year-old old man married sex  fancy your looks, personality, or the money  " After a few minutes of silence, the hole was red gives the answer: "I am immoral, indecent ...... my life style but I did not rape them." Previously, the hole was red defended on the grounds that: he is in love with 许佩佩 relationship, and The other two girls are consensual sexual relations. According to "Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security on a number of issues currently handle rape cases in the interpretation of the specific application of the law" states: rape refers to violence, coercion or other means, against her will, forced sexual intercourse and its occurrence behavior. The "other means" refers to criminal violence, coercion by outside, so that the victim can not resist women. Such as: the use of women suffering from serious illness, sleeping machine, be adultery; to drunkenness, drug anesthesia, and the use of other methods of treatment or fake rape on women. Based on this, Liu Hui lawyer for the "conviction" questions that: First, the parties to the hole between the red 许佩佩 have sexual relations with a no objection to this point; secondly, if the hole was red when sexual relations with 许佩佩 the contrary 许佩佩Will, you should regarded as rape. Case, the hole was red sexual relations with 许佩佩, a serious breach of 许佩佩 will, on charges of rape should be established. "Although there is no direct evidence, Xupei Pei reason dizziness victims that day, whether from the hole was in the red under the drugged tea, but it is drugged, whether under the hole too red, red hole was at least in a coma, dizziness 许佩佩period, while it can not resist, forced sex with their occurrence, a serious breach of 许佩佩 will, according to the law should be recognized as rape. "Liu Hui said. He also told the court, testimony from victims and their classmates, the Xupei Pei in the victim that night was the first time to meet with the hole was red. Hong Kong was the first time the two sides met Xupei Pei advocate on their voluntary sexual relations, is not logical. "If the defendant was a red hole confession, after conflicting obviously lying." Liu Hui said the lawyer. For hole was red defender's "first sexual acts are even forced, but 许佩佩 after the second sex, repeatedly had sex with the hole was red, the law should not be punished for rape" point of view, Liu Hui lawyers believe , "in this case, based on the hole was red special identity - 'Yongjing tyrant', after 许佩佩 raped, mentally still been in a state of duress, resulting in its not resist even dare to refuse contact with the hole was red . accordance with the provisions relating to judicial interpretation: the criminals raped women, murdered women in the implementation of the spirit of the threat, forcing them to continue to succumb to shame, and should be punished for the crime of rape, "the court stage of the debate, the prosecution also presented" red hole was raped. women more than three people, and the victims have in school, the circumstances are serious violations of the object toward the school, mainly for left-behind children, single parents and girls in remote mountainous areas and other categories of people involved minors, the harsh nature . plea bad attitude hole was red with criminal nature of a criminal gang, and crime against minors, according to the law should be severely punished. "prosecution also believes that" the trial, the hole was found not guilty of rape red, indicating . "insider told reporters, this time, was to maintain a serious hole was red sentiment began to get a little excited. Strange accident It is understood that the day of the trial, was not involved in the occurrence of the red body in the hole was a car accident case. Occurred in a car accident Aug. 16, 2010, so that the "big more good" fame, creating a sensation. In the farmhouse courtyard filled with corn cobs, the 12-year-old mother's arm under 崔正耀 difficult marched pace. That is left to the disaster of a lifetime is Yao small defects. If not this accident, he should have been in junior high school in the classroom. The incident occurred at 15:40 on August 16, 2010 Xu, Xiao Zheng Yao was sitting on his uncle and grandfather Cuiyong Wu Gan N18129 No. Cuiteng Kun driving Santana, Grandpa watching the disease, returned Yongjing from Linxia. When traveling to State Road 213 near the village of Chen Well Kiba, and head to the car Nissan car collision. In this serious accident, 71-year-old and 38-year-old Cui Tengkun Cuiyong Wu died. In this accident Yongjing civil transferred uproar, a more common argument is that the "'big more benign' behind hardliners backing a car accident are donations to solve the problem." China Youth Daily reporter searched A Linxia Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment engendering briefing Show: Yongjing county traffic police brigade had the accident to Yongjing county government made a special report, requesting the county group, women come forward, call the county enterprises, community who love generously, as Cuizheng Yao raise medical expenses. Cuizheng Yao after being transferred to the General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Region Branch tranquility treatment. In the meantime, doctors repeatedly issued notice in critical condition. Inpatient medical records from the General Hospital of Lanzhou Branch of tranquility Show: August 16 the same day, Cuizheng Yao admitted to the nursing unit tranquility Branch Division of minimally invasive surgery, the initial diagnosis of hemorrhagic shock, abdominal hemorrhage, rupture and so on. Small positive Cuishun Ming Yao's father learned afterwards, was driving with his brother-car collision, the driver is the famous "Big is more benign." "(I hole was red) hated. Accident ruthless, people are more ruthless, and what the head of it alive." Smoked a cigarette, Cuishun Ming sighed. Cuishun Ming said, after repeated urging, red hole was commissioned brought 5,000 yuan, and then did not show up. According Yongjing County Traffic Police Brigade investigation, the incident was, the hole was driving a red license plate number for the Gan C06085 cars, four passengers. Reporters noted that the Yongjing County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade issued a "road traffic accident" and said: Cui Tengkun driver driving a motor vehicle over the speed limit signs indicate the maximum speed driving, lane driving, is caused by the accident The main reason; motorists driving without inspection hole was red motor vehicle on the road, exceeding the speed limit signs indicate the maximum speed of travel, the accident is caused by secondary causes. Yongjing County, Gansu Province Traffic Police Brigade entrusted the supervision and inspection station to make automotive performance appraisal report: Cuiteng Kun was driving Gan N18129 No. Santana accident before traveling speed of 85 to 88 km / h. The maximum speed limit for this section is 70 km / h. This conclusion, the families of the victims, said it is difficult to understand. Families that: Cui Teng Kun as a primary school teacher, usually work very athletic, never speeding car, but the car was "on the old, under a small," is uphill, Cui Teng Kun how likely speeding  The traffic control department is how to make the above identified, they also do not understand how. November 7, China Youth Daily reporter went to the traffic police brigade Yongjing confirmation. Responsible for handling this accident police Liu Hong told reporters:. "After the scene, the two vehicles are basically positive touch, touch the contact point in the sect,abercrombie et fitch," Liu Hung, the incident at the time, around the no camera, no witnesses. Section of the incident was just a slow downhill slope inclination angle of roughly 20 degrees. At that time, Cui Tengkun driving cars in slow uphill, driving on the right. He certainly told reporters: "Nobody operate this thing anyone does not greeted." The face of controversy, he said that at least one thing is sure, the 48 "no pressure, which we can only say very sympathetic." Yongjing red manhole-year-old was arrested in April this year, before the loss of personal freedom, and not just the prosecution case involved allegations content. Because some cases the incident has been for many years, have lost a lot of direct evidence, the prosecution faces problems given unsubstantiated. The hole was red hometown Chuen village road leading to the outside world, potholed, a case of a rainy day, then all of the large and small pit filled with water. This way, one wall brush with such a slogan: "The world is bigger I am not afraid to go to learn the cultural world." Retroactive hole was red growth trajectory, did not learn cultural hole was red, and finally embarked on a life of no return. Hong Kong's case was exposed in education, social problems, thought-provoking. (Text victims involved girls pseudonym)